A Sad, Sad Day

I have had a rough day today. While working on kits for Saturday's workshop, my MacBook Pro started acting funny. The Silhouette Studio program froze up, so I tried to restart the computer, thinking it was the program...the thought that it was the computer didn't even cross my mind- I've not had any trouble with it at all. Well, it wouldn't shut down, and the fans kicked on high gear. I left it alone for a bit, unplugged everything from it (I hook it to a large external monitor and keyboard)-30 minutes later the fans were STILL going full bore!! Asked around a bit, was given a few things to try. Nothing worked. The fans ran for at least 45 minuts before they quit. I am SOOOOOO upset!!! I've never been so attached to an electronic item lol Of course it's out of warranty, if only by a few months (March 5th!)...so now the decision is: do I pay to fix it (if it can be fixed) or just replace it?!? AND, as much as I loved my Mac, my HP lasted me 6 years with a ton of abuse....I'm thinking I might (gasp) go back to a PC, if the dang Macs aren't going to hold up!!!! Aaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhh


  1. sorry to hear! i got a mac laptop in 2004 for school, it's been a paper weight since 2007 lol

  2. ss,for your mac:((( i usually do a lot of research before i dish out some big bucks. what helps me is reading peoples reviews on what i'm looking at. hope this helps:)


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