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Painting Time

I've been working on art. Lost of art. Trying to get good. :)

I've been loving 8x10 size right now. Don't know why but it makes me happy. I sell all of my 8x10 paintings for $45 at this time.

Here's one I finished last week, along with some progress photos.

Strokeaversary Trip 2017

January 2, 2017 was the one year anniversary of my brain trying to kill me.
I wanted nothing more than to be in the Magic Kingdom on that day, and my fabulous husband made it happen.

We dragged my best friend and her husband along. We drove to Disney World for a couple of days, then drove back up to Gatlinburg for a few days. It was a AWESOME trip and exactly what I needed.

 I made my ear hat. There were lots of questions about it. 

While the rest of the gang was riding Mine Train, I went to Gaston's for a snack. I ordered the drink and the carrots, and the guy behind the counter asked about my hat. So I tell him a short story, and he pulls two other people over an asks me to repeat it, which I did. They were all in tears, and he handed me a cinnamon roll.  I went to pay and they wouldn't take my money. Pixie dust!!!

This was at Tony's (Magic Kingdom)