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Altered Pages (dot com)

I have some news!
I'm now on the Design Team for Altered Pages!  Woohoo!
I wanted to have a project for you today, but my printer ink has not arrived yet!!
So, instead, I'm going to show you some goodies from the Altered Pages store that I LOVE! License plate Book! REALLY?!?! HOW freaking cool is this??? I'm thinking I gotta make a Halloween themed one!

Altered jar/bottle kit. Simply BEAUTIFUL!!
 I LOVE this kit....what could we hide in those little drawers?
Something near and dear to my heart- Terri Sproul Mixers!
You can find all these goodies, a short little bio about me,  and lots more, at:

Oh! I almost forgot! Here's your wiener! The cute little Daisy Dog, hanging out with Charlie Girl in the back yard.