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God must have loved calories...

Hello out there! I hope you're having a wonderful day! Here in Ohio, we are finally seeing signs of spring, and have had a couple of wonderfully warm days. I have a fun little project for you today. Sometimes, we can use our stamps to create elements for other things... The stamps don't always have to be a finished project in and of themselves. Today I made a fun little element for my weight loss Smash Book. Here's the little piece before I added it to my book. Wanna make it? Alllllllllll righty then! What you need: Kraft card stock Die and die cutter or electronic die cutter White gel pen Black pigment ink Viva Las Vegas Super Gloss Embossing Powder Washi tapes Vintage Photo Distress Ink & blending tool Scrap of white card stock Miracle Tape sheet Scissors Heat tool Stuff to color with (I used markers Faber Castell ) STICKLES!! (Fruit Punch and Goldenrod) Heart stickers (or punchies, or die cuts) Shimmer spritz (I used Smooch Spritz) Stamps: Sitting Bird, Sentiment

New Camera Love- Olympus Pen E-PM1

I purchased a refurbished Olympus E-PM1 camera...I've missed the Olympus brand!! I had a FANTASTIC mid-range point and shoot Oly 3 or so years ago, but my kid broke it, and I couldn't afford to replace it...I got a little Panasonic point and shoot and have never been happy with it.

I've been drooling over the Pen3 and the OMD, but they are way out of my price range.

Here's the first shots taken from the camera. The ONLY editing I've done was to hit the "auto correct" button. What do you think?

Just Believe...

Hello, my darlings! I don't know about you, but I am DONE with winter! We didn;t have much snow to speak of, but it was bitterly cold most of the winter. At least if you're gonna make me freeze, give me some snow to play in!!! RIGHT!?!? And, guess what we got on the first day of spring? 6" of snow, and a SNOW DAY!!!! ARGH!! So, I am ready and waiting for warm weather, sunshine, and flowers. I sure hope you like this! Wanna make it? Allllllllllrighty, then! (Don't let the long supply list fool you, this doesn't really take all that long, and substitutions are certainly do-able!!!) You will need: An unfinished wooden or chipboard frame White gesso Black gesso or acrylic paint Gelatos Water & paint brush Crackle paints- Brown and Silver Corrugated cardboard Smooch Spritz- a couple of blues, a green Smooch ink- lots of colors White card stock Craft card stock Flowers Miracle Tape Heat gun Scissors Word stickers Itty bitty butterlfies- mine are brads Black pigment …

A little of what I''ve been up to...

Hello again!

I thought I'd share a quick little bit of what I've been up to lately, because I know the posting has been spradic at best... Had wrist surgery. Luckily, it ws on the left since I am right handed! I had a very large cyst in there that's been giving me all kinds of issues. I go get the stitches out Tuesday, April 2, and will have a splint/brace thing for 6 weeks. This was the day after surgery, taking friends to the airport for their vacation. yes, I was slightly stoned. Helloooooo, Vicodin!! LOL  Just finished this one, and will get photos up in a few days. It's pretty cool. One of my favorite scrapbook pages so far this year. I <3 this little girl! Another page that turned out well.
 Scrapbooking injury!