A little of what I''ve been up to...

Hello again!

I thought I'd share a quick little bit of what I've been up to lately,
because I know the posting has been spradic at best...
Had wrist surgery.
Luckily, it ws on the left since I am right handed!
I had a very large cyst in there that's been giving me all kinds of issues.
I go get the stitches out Tuesday, April 2, and will have a
splint/brace thing for 6 weeks.
This was the day after surgery, taking friends to the airport for their vacation.
yes, I was slightly stoned.
Helloooooo, Vicodin!! LOL
 Just finished this one, and will get photos up in a few days.
It's pretty cool.
One of my favorite scrapbook pages so far this year.
I <3 this little girl!
Another page that turned out well.

 Scrapbooking injury!


  1. Hi Amiee,

    Somehow I think with even Vicodin that hands pretty sore! Glad to know you got it taken care of though. And then to have a scrapbook boo boo! Oh No!

    Your pages are all so cute. First page colors of blue and golden yellow...AWESOME! The banners rocked on the second set and your Disney page looks super fun! Love the cluster of stars in the right hand corner.

    Hope your hand heals quickly! Good to see you posting!



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