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My Swinging Wiener (DOG)

Yeah, you know you went there!
Our first family park outing this year.  We took the wieners, and met a friend there with her kids and puppy. Sammy LOVES the baby swing.
Here's the boys putting him into it. He's so big it's a 2-man job nowadays!

Just look at that face!

 Such a goofy dog!
 And this is the result of a hard afternoon of play time at the park!

Signs of Spring at Casa de Fleck

Daisy sitting in the sun.
 My doggies at play in the back yard.
 BIG wiener!
 Plant under the tree.
 Got this bed cleaned out today.  Now I need to move the rocks back in place- they tend to move over the winter.


 One of my favorite outdoor decorations.
 Frog prince :)
 These are special.
Frog from my grandma.
I bought this cute little set at Blick's last weekend, with the intention of taking the cakes out and putting in some Winsor & Newton colors. But after playing with them tonight, I think I'm gonna use them! I RELLY like the darker pink.
Not bad for just playing around! I carry a small 3x5-ish Moleskine water color book, a couple of Pitt pens, a pencil, eraser, and glue stick in my purse. I carry a watercolor set, too, but have been looking for something smaller. This totally fit the bill! Throw in a water brush, and viola!

Pan new addiction

Me and the hubby and our BFFs went to Columbus on Sunday for an impromptu shopping trip,  which we NEVER do.
The guys went to Micro Center for computer stuff.
Us girls went to Blick.
Yeah, I could've spent soooo much there. I adore that store.  And the people there actually know about art supplies... And if you ask a question someone can't answer, they will find the person who CAN answer it. Yes, I love it there.
But, being on a budget, I was a good girl.
I've been wanting to try Pan Pastels since so many of the artsy crafters I follow love them. I bought three colors, and some spongey things to blend with.
I like soft pastels but hate the dust. I don't enjoy oil pastels because they never dry...Just not an oil fan.
 The texture of the Pan Pastels to me are between a soft pastel and an oil pastel. Really, really soft and creamy, and no dust. Did you hear me? NO DUST!!

 So, while watching The River on Tuesday night, I sat on the couch in my crafty studio,  and played with the Pan Pastels…

Two Tags & a Tutorial

Hello, all!
It's almost spring! YAHOO!!!
I've got two tags for you today-  one is a Birthday tag, one is an artsy fartsy tag. I hope you enjoy them!!

Let's do the birthday tag first!
On with the show....
Supplies: Manilla tag Distress Inks (I used Mustard Seed, Broken China, Iced Spruce) Handle with blending foam Black ink (I used Memories ink from Steward Superior) Feathers Flowers Bling Crystal Lacquer Terri Sproul Mixer Itty bitty paint brush Cup to mix in  Heat gun Scissors Ribbons Memories Mist from Stewart Superior (Iridescent) Mini mister with water STAMPS!!! Miracle Tape Bling Dangly beaded tim Scrap of patterned paper Mini Xyron
So, what do ya think? I love the way this turned out!!
 Ok, first things first....Create a background using the Distress inks and handle with foam. Start with the Mustard Seed, then add Iced Spruce.  Add a little more Mustard Seed if ya want.
Next, swipe the Broken China and Iced Spruce over your craft sheet. Spritz ink with memories Mist, and continue on using the  Wrinkle F…