I Love Letters- Amazing Craft Products!

Hello again!

We recently rearranged our very small living room because we bought a new sofa.
I also converted a baby changing table into an entertainment stand (our tv hangs on the wall) 
for the video games and what not. It's looking pretty cool, I have to say.

I have this dilemma, however- what to do with the wall around the tv?
I was going to put photos there, but thought that would be too distracting.
I was going to hang a few pieces of my art there, but thought it would be too distracting.
What to do?

While wandering around a certain large chain craft store one day, I spied this little cutie in the clearance corner, and yes, she came home with me!

So I thought, Heck I can mold this!
And make more!
In other colors!

So, Amazing Mold Putty & Resin's gonna help me solve my dilemma!
Yay cloud!

We've decided to hang a small ledge shelf below the tv (between the tv and the baby changing table) to hold the Kinnect unit for the Xbox (if you don't have this YOU MUST GET IT!- so much fun!).

And put a few other ledges around the tv.

And fill the wall with F's.

F for Family...F for Fleck

Pretty cool, eh?

So, on with the show!
Get your letter, Amazing Mold Putty, Clear Cast Resin, Quick Cast Resin, mixing utensils, GLITTER, dyes (I used the Black dye rom Alumilite), beads, etc...All the stuff you wanna include in your letters.

Also, Alcohol Ink Mixatives from Ranger,  something to sand edges with if needed, and a paint brush.

Mix the A & B parts of Mold Putty according to the directions.
Flatten out your ball of putty, and put your letter face down onto the putty.
Gently form the putty up around the sides of the letter.
Set aside and allow to cure.
 Once cured, pop the letter out of the mold.
The "F" is a little tricky, but I got it!
 Mix up some Quick Cast (white) resin.
Add 1 drop of black dye to the resin, and work quirky to stir it in.
Dust mold with Copper pigment powder, and drop some beads in there. 
(I used tiny, clear, hole less beads)
Pour your resin & let it cure.
 When it's ready, pop your cured piece out of the mold.
Ohhh, pretty!

 Now, you'll find that, because the mold does not have a shiny finish inside, your letter will have a matte finish. Mix up a tiny bit of clear cast resin, and once you've sanded any rough edges, paint the clear resin onto the letter. It will be nice and shiny!

 I made a second "F" using Clear Cast that I dumped a TON of red glitter into,
 along withthe hole less beads.
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!!!!! 
Again, sand any edges that need it, and paint with a little clear resin. 
These are going to look so awesome on the wall!


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