Doodling the Weekend Away

I'm out of town for my birthday weekend with my bestie at a scrapbooking retreat. 
We've been having a blast so far!!

I've got a good start on the kids' 8x8 scrapbooks for next year's Disney trip
(5 albums!! YES, 5! My three kids, my niece, and my nephew).

We caught a humming bird.
Yep, you read that right.
Friend caught the poor little thing.
She was inside all day and they couldn't get her out.
She was tiring out.

I've done a few Disney layouts from the trip we took in August.

I've played in the art journals.

And today I'm working on Halloween party invitations!

I spent some time doodling last night, and playing with watercolors.
Yes, these look like a 12 year old drew them, but they are fun!


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