Ultra Thick Ebossing Enamel (UTEE) lot for sale

I'm cleaning out my studio in preparation for the big move, and I have a huge lot of UTEE and supplies for sale.
$125.00 shipped (USA address only), or $100.00 local pick up.

Lot includes two melting pots, two extra project pans (one used for beeswax), UTEE Flex, various colors of UTEE in various degrees of fullness, cookie cutters, molds, heatproof tools, TWO Ranger craft sheets, and more.

 The blue stuff in the project pan is blue tinted beeswax.
The pan is also marked beeswax
 (you don't want to use the same pan for beeswax as you do for UTEE)
 Lots of cookie cutters, molds, heat proof tools.

Clover craft iron for use with beeswax.
Once this lot is gone, I have lots more to post.


  1. I can't wait to see what all you will be selling! I'll pass this along to some friends that might be interested. Hope you sell them fast! It's such a great deal!!!


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