Out Sick

Hello all!

For anyone waiting on packages in the mail from me, I've been sick and haven't gotten to the post office.

I've been fighting a skin infection this week. Finally went to urgent care yesterday, got antibiotics. I woke up today with my eye swollen completely shut, the entire right side of my face swelled up and hot, and in a lot of pain, so I went to the ER.

ER did a cat scan and found my eye is ok, but the skin infection has moved and is taking up most of the right side of my face. I was given 2 antibiotics through IV, and sent home with another antibiotic and pain pills. So, I'm going to sleep!

Dr. says if I don't see marked improvement by Monday, or if its any worse tomorrow, to come back to the hospital and they will admit me for more iv therapy, and to see an infectious disease Dr.

Here's your wiener!
Sammy hacking my Facebook page.


  1. Oh my goodness Aimee!!! I do hope you get well soon and it's nothing serious. Don't worry about the mailings, we're not going anywhere. Get better soon:) Haaaaa..maybe Sammy is looking at cute doggie vids!!


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