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Welcome to our joint Amazing Mold Putty and Creative Paperclay blog hop.
I've used Creative Paperclay a few times over the years, and have always found it enjoyable to work with.
I've learned a few new things about it, though, since I've been using it so much lately!

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Creative Paperclay
Amazing Mold Putty
Rubber to Rubber mold release (not vial, but makes releasing the stamp a LOT easier)
Black acrylic paint
Paint brush
Copper Alcohol Ink Mixative
Ribbon rose trim
Black tulle
Heavy Duty Glue (I use Quick Grab by Beacon Adhesives)
Rubber band
Grungeboard swirl
Smooch topcoat

First, paint your stamp with Rubber to Rubber Mold Release if you're using it, 
according to the package directions.
Mix parts A& B together to create your mold putty. 
For this size stamp, I ended up with a ball a bit smaller than my fist.
Put your putty on a nonstick surface and roll out with a brayer to about 1 1/2" thick.
Place stamp face down onto mold putty, and press stamp into putty with fingers.
Form putty up the sides of the stamp. It's OK if it's uneven. We can trim it later.
Let mold cure (took about 20 minutes in my chilly studio!) and gently remove stamp.
Use scissors to trim and neaten the edge if desired.
Now pull some Paperclay out and gently flatten a bit with a brayer.
Place Paperclay into the mold, smooshing it down with your fingers.
Be sure you have contact with the entire surface.
Add Paperclay to fill mold.
Allow Paperclay to dry. It can take a day or more.
If you're in a hurry like me, put the mold filled with Paperclay on a plate or cookie sheet,
and put it into the oven at 200 degrees. I left it in there about 2 hours, and it was dry all the way through.
Once dry, pop the clay from the mold, and use an emery board to sand the edges if needed.
Paint heart with black acrylic paint. Let dry.
(or dry with heat tool)
Add shimmer to the recessed areas with Smooch.
Let dry (or dry with heat tool).
Put some Copper Alcohol Ink Mixative on your finger, and gently swipe over raised areas.
I had to ink my finger a few times to get it completely covered.
Also, go around the entire edge with your Copper-inked finger.
Cut 2-3 strips of black tulle. Lay them together and put a rubber band around the middle.
Glue this to the back of your heart using heavy duty glue.
Set a book or two on top of the glued pieces for a few minutes to set the glue.
Grab a grungeboard swirl (or cut one if you don't have some!), 
and use your finger to ink the entire piece with Copper Mixative.
Rub a little black acrylic paint on the swirl, and wipe right off, to grunge it up a bit.
Once dry, glue swirl to left side of heart.
Cut three roses from the trim.
Cluster the three roses on the swirl.
Paint a little Smooch on the roses.

Cut a length of the rose trim, and glue to the back of the heart to create a hanger.
Trim tulle and you're done!

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you enjoy our Love Cast In Clay blog hop!!

Here's your wiener!
The super adorable little Cooper puppy, my BFF's mini Dachshund kid.


  1. You are such a love to share this wonderful artwork! Thank you. I enjoyed the photo of your miniature Dachsie - we used to have 4 long-haired miniatures - they are so special. I am going to hunt down that mold making putty in South Africa and the Creative Paperclay. I want to use it!! Hugz from Sue in South Africa

  2. wow I just have to have this..............

  3. This is gorgeous and love all the fine detail :)

  4. Using a rubber stamp is such a cool technique.

  5. Aimee, your heart is just beautiful!

    Hugs XX

  6. WOW! I love this piece! Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Thanks for sharing your project. It turned out so beautiful.

  8. Very creative!!! I love the rubber stamp technique

  9. Aimee I love that project! Awesome stamp mold and casting!! :)

  10. You've changed the look of your blog. I wouldn't have realize I'd visited you before (a number of times actually) if it wasn't for the 'here's your weiner' Love those pics! :)

  11. I love the heart and the technique :) Very pretty and your doggie is cute too :)

  12. This is stunning! I love the look of black and copper together. The doggie is so cute!

  13. Just tweeted your post:))) Thanks for the chance!


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