So Sad... and some cards

Dang guys, I'm not sure what to think! 

My last blog candy give away, only ONE person out of the three sent me their mailing info. 
I am left to wonder why? 

Lets one think that blog candy isn't worth the effort!!

Here's some cards :)'s your wiener. 
And another wiener. And a Blue Heeler!


  1. Cute cards, cute pups (what IS the smaller wiener wearing btw? lol) and I will give you my info for the unclaimed blog candy!! :) ((hugs)) <3

  2. Don't be sad. There's lots of us who appreciate your give-aways! Wiener wiener heeler--better than duck duck goose, me thinks:)

  3. Unclaimed blog candy is very sad. On the other hand, your puppy family is adorable!


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