Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So Sad... and some cards

Dang guys, I'm not sure what to think! 

My last blog candy give away, only ONE person out of the three sent me their mailing info. 
I am left to wonder why? 

Lets one think that blog candy isn't worth the effort!!

Here's some cards :)'s your wiener. 
And another wiener. And a Blue Heeler!


  1. Cute cards, cute pups (what IS the smaller wiener wearing btw? lol) and I will give you my info for the unclaimed blog candy!! :) ((hugs)) <3

  2. Don't be sad. There's lots of us who appreciate your give-aways! Wiener wiener heeler--better than duck duck goose, me thinks:)

  3. Unclaimed blog candy is very sad. On the other hand, your puppy family is adorable!