Saturday, February 15, 2014

Steampunk Necklace

Hello my fine feathered friends!
I thought I'd try my hand at steampunk, and I'd love your feed back!
Let's make this!
What you need:
Pinch Bail
Word Sticker (Tim Holtz), sparkling ultra fine glitter (My Stamp Box), mica chips (USArt Quest), metal gear brad (Eyelet Outlet), alcohol inks (Ranger), clamp or clothespin.

What to do:
1. Peel the blue protective stuff off of both sides of the acrylic charm. Ink up the front with alcohol inks. 
2.  Punch out the gear and coat the two larger gears with enamel adhesive fluid. Coat one gear with Vintage Black powder and the other with Aged White powder. Heat to melt the powders and activate the adhesive. Coat the remaining gear and the little turn key with gold 3D Enamel Gel. Coat the two circles that punched out of the gears with Copper enamel gel. Let dry.

3. Once your gears are completely dry and set, cut the prongs off the gear brad and use a little E600 to adhere it over the largest gear. Clamp together for a few minutes to ensure a secure bond.
4. Paint some glossy Glastique onto the acrylic charm. Sprinkle with the sparkling glitter and mica flakes. Let dry and then use a soft paint brush to sweep off the excess.
5. Paint the bask of the sticker with Glastique and add it to the bottom edge of the charm. Coat top of sticker with matte Glastique.
6. Use the E600 glue to adhere the gears to the charm (I use a toothpick to put the glue onto the gears). Clamp down (put your clamp on the metal gear so you don't mar the surface) for a few minutes to be sure it's good and stuck. Add the two copper circles, the bail, and put onto the necklace. There ya go!!



Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Little Vintage Style Home Decor

Hello my darlings!
Today my shabby chic/vintage loving self came out and I have something
pretty different from what I've shared with ya so far.
I sure hope you like it!
Remember you could create this with the colors that suit you best.
I didn't take many in progress photos of this one,
but it's pretty easy.
Want to make it?
Woohoo! Let's go!!
What you need:
Heart that you saved from the Vintage Bird Cage last week
Enamel Powders: Vintage Black, Aged White, Turquoise Lagoon, Cranberry Wine
Fancy Napkin naked wood plaque, small wood block, gesso, Mod Podge, black pigment ink (I used Mixed Media ink), white paper flowers, fancy flowers, rhinestone chain (or bling), alcohol inks (Ranger), piece of Stampboard or something similar, scrap of card stock, tooth picks, sanding file or sand paper.
What to do:
1. Paint the plaque with a coat of gesso and let dry. Then Mod Podge a fancy napkin onto it. be sure to separate the layers of the napkin and only use the top, pretty layer. Once it's dry, sand around the edges.
2. Get your piece of stamp board (or whatever white, shiny thing you're gonna use. You could sub a piece of chip board with some glossy card stock stuck to it) and coat with the alcohol inks. I used Silver & Aqua with a little bit of Rust.

3. Now, coat one edge of the inked piece with enamel adhesive fluid and coat with the Vintage Black enamel powder. Heat. Continue all the way around, and then do a second coat.

*pretty, isn't it?*
4. Now gather your darling Piccolo pieces. Punch the bits out of the dress form. Coat the dress form with enamel adhesive fluid and Vintage Black powder. Heat well an add a second coat if desired. The swirl was done with Aged White. Two of the flowers are White Micro powder, and the rest of the flowers are Cranberry Wine.

5. Dot the alcohol inked piece with enamel adhesive fluid and sprinkle on some powders. I used a little bit of each color listed in the supplies. Heat it up, baby. Do the same with the white paper flowers.
6. Flip the dress form over and use a toothpick to coat with E600. Stick to a piece of card stock and trim. Add more glue and adhere to the inked/embossed piece.
7. Coat the edges of the plaque with pigment ink and roll in Vintage Black powder. Heat to melt. 
 8. Now time to start assembling. I used the E600 glue to adhere everything!! Place the dress form on first, centered on the plaque, then build up your flowers around it. Add the rhinestone trim (or bling) around the edge. Don't forget to add the heart! :)

9. Your final step: flip the plaque over and use the E600 to glue the wooden block to the back. This will act as a little stand and make your piece stand on its own, no easel required.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vintage Birdcage Necklace

 I've been working on some jewelry lately.
I hope ya like this one!!
This little sweetie was pretty easy to create and I think it's
just so dang cute!!
Wanna make it?
What you need:
Tiny hole-less beads, bird charm (this one is from prima), toothpicks, jump ring, heat gun
What to do:
1. Coat the base piece for the bird cage with enamel adhesive fluid and Turquoise Lagoon enamel powder. Heat until thoroughly melted.
2. Get out a piece of chipboard, or an old plastic lid, or something, an put a little bit of each enamel gel on it (that is, if you don't have the super fine tips. If you DO have them, disregard this part).
3. Use the toothpicks (or super fine tips) and color the detail part of your bird cage. I did gold on the base/legs and loop, silver on the bars, and copper on the door. PS-- when you punch out all of the little bits from the cage, DO NOT throw out the heart...we will use it next week.

4. Once the cage is dry, flip it over and use a toothpick to coat the back with E600 glue. Adhere it to the base (hold it down for a minute or two). Then go back over any areas of the cage that need touched up. Be sure to recoat the top near the loop, then dump some tiny hole-less beads on it. Once the entire thing is dry, shake the excess beads off.
5. Take the bird charm and randomly put some of the enamel gels on it (I just used the toothpicks). let dry.

6. Once your birdie is dry, add a jump ring to him, and then a jump ring to the bird cage. Attach bird to cage and the entire thing to the cord necklace.