The Big Pink Toolbox

My most favorite, wonderful, awesome crafty studio item is my big pink MAC toolbox.
We bought it two years ago. Every October MAC sells them for Wrenching for the Cure- part of the
proceeds goes to breast cancer charities. Now, there is a company called The Pink Box that sells pink toolboxes all the time, so you can always order from them if ya want one badly!
I thought I'd share how I've got this bad boy loaded up.
There is actually empty space in it, too!
Please excuse the messy worktop!
The top drawer is the coloring drawer-
alcohol inks, Gelatos, Pan Pastels, pencils, sprays, etc all live here.
The next drawer is the ink drawer.

Drawer three is random artsy fartsy fun.

Next, art journaling goodies.

Now we have the design team drawer. This is where I keep the stuff I'm supposed to work with.

This drawer holds memorabilia that needs attention,
inky binkies, and some 8x8 scrapbooks I'm working on for the kids.

Bottom drawer houses bulky stuff.


 Now on the right are smaller drawers.
Top drawer is the random stuff like a flashlight, magnets, etc.

Nest, the paint drawer. I love this drawer :)

 Jewelry making goodies.

Bottom drawer is the deepest and holds the garbage can, spray bottles, etc.


  1. that is awesome storage. and its pink!

  2. that is an amazing storage piece - it even beats all the Scrabox Workbox pieces I have! I definitely am going to google this and hope I have the required footprint free to get one! I'll even take a blue or black one - the color doesn't matter to me! LOL Thanks for the heads up.


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