Purse Sized Art Supplies

I thought someone out there might like to know what art/crafty goodies I have on me at all times. I know I personally LOVE looking at other's sketch kits, "what's in my bag" pics, etc. I carry a few items in my purse at all times. Partially because I get bored easily, partly because I'm on a mission to create every day, partly because I love finding cute new itty bitty things, and partly because I'm trying to 'unlpug' some and not play with my darn iPhone so much!

So, here are some photos, along with descriptions. I used to carry some itty bitty colored pencils as well, but I just don't use them, so out they went.

I store everything in an Iris photo
holder for 5x7 photos.

The books are both Moleskine.
The bigger one is the 5x8 sketch book,
the smaller one is the 3.5x5.5 watercolor book.
The big one serves as my planner as well as journal
and doodle book.
Inside the Iris box I have a few pens,
water brush, mister bottle
(it's from Clearnsap- a sprayer from Smooch Spritz),
pipette, washi tapes, baggie of fun bits and pieces, a paint brush,
mechanical pencil with white eraser,
tin of watercolors, small mixing palette, clip, and scissors.
 Pretty neat, eh?
 These pens are from K & Co, from the SMASH
line of goodies. They have glue sticks in one end,
and the glue is surprisingly good!
The scissors are also SMASH products.
I had a Ranger Mini Mister in here, but when I emptied
that itty bitty sprayer of Smooch Spritz, I KNEW I had to use it!
It's smaller than the Mini Mister.
The pipette is for ease of getting water into the water brush
and mister bottle.
 Washi tape is wrapped around old expired credit cards.
The watercolor tin holds little half pans,
and then I made some more pots to hold paint
from Mini Mister caps. I just cut them down to fit!
Glue some magnet on the bottom so they don't flop
around, and there ya go!
I took the lid off of another tin to use for a mixing area
because it was already enameled white.
This has been going around Facebook this week, and it cracks me up!

ANDDDDD..... here's your wiener! Little Daisy Dog doing her best to give me THE FACE. :)

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  1. What a get post! I love my little pipette you gave me and use it all the time! Loved seeing Daisy Dog too! What a cutie pie!

    Have a great week!


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