Yes, I Sewed Something!

Most people know I'm not a good sewer. Machines and I don't get along. And my rather short ADD attention span frustrates me when sewing. But I really wanted a pretty camera strap cover and the prices I was finding for ones I like (typically with ruffles), were more than my Disney Broke budget would allow.

So I took myself to JoAnns and got fabric and ruffle trim for under $5.00! Two hours later, I have an A-FRAKIN-DORABLE camera strap cover. I even have a pocket on one end for a spare battery, and a pocket on the other end for a spare SD card. To say I'm proud if myself is an understatement! 

I even made the girl a lanyard for her point & shoot camera from the scraps (which she loves by the way).


  1. These are GREAT! So pretty! Love your color choices and the ruffles just make it! I guess you can't say your not a good sewer now! It looks like to me your a VERY good sewer! :0)


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